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​I was born in Hamburg, Germany, the daughter of playwright and actor Klaus Pohl and the Romanian singer Sanda Weigl. I grew up on stage and as long as I can remember I dreamed of being an actress. When I turned 8 years old my family moved to New York City. In New York I started acting in school plays and soon became a member of a downtown youth theater group. We wrote and performed our own plays and toured old people's homes, schools and homes for runaways. I loved it. After finishing high school I moved to Berlin and studied acting at the University of the Arts. I began working in Theater, Film and TV in Germany and the US.

I live in New York and Berlin.



I'm a comedian, actress and writer.  


I like to make people laugh, Nutella, David Hasselhoff and I'd like to get a chammer and chit you on the chead with it.


I was born in Germany and grew up in NYC. I'm The Last Germinican. Ich spreche Deutsch.




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